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Warehouse in the Netherlands

Felt Warehouse

“My husband is born in Akkrum, Friesland, and owns with a partner a marina and water sports company in the village,” says Wynske, felt artist. “A few years ago, we had the opportunity to build a house near the marina and drew up some building plans with my uncle Jan Bart de Jong, who is an architect. We wanted a cool house that suited the environment, something like a barn, a shed or a warehouse. My uncle was able to elaborate on our ideas in a fantastic way. ”

‘We wanted to live upstairs, like in a loft, in a large space and with views all around, like a lighthouse. There’s a terrace built over the garage, so we can sit out there if we want. It didn’t take long to get used to living on the first floor. Apart from the beautiful view of the meadows, privacy is a big advantage. In summer it’s busy and lively at the marina, in winter we enjoy the silence. ”
Construction took about a year. Wynske: “It was a special but also a stressful year. A few things didn’t go according to plan and sometimes the contractor could not carry out our ideas. For example, instead of a staircase of concrete we now have a staircase made ​​of wood. Fortunately, we enjoy living here so much, we’ve forgotten the problems we had at the time. . We love all the space we have in this new house, especially in such a perfect location. We’re more aware of the different seasons now. We get that great holiday feeling in the summer and enjoy total peace and quiet in winter. All that space, the fields and the water, give us a real sense of freedom. ”

Wynske went to art school. Years ago her mother suggested she did an art course working with felt. “I thought it was so inspiring that I wanted to continue working with it. I’m always making things, I like to experiment with materials, I research different techniques and structures. In this new house there’s room for a studio. It’s nice to have a room where I can do this. ” Wynske’s works of art can be found throughout the house. On the walls near the tables are her paintings. Felt rugs lie on the chairs. Above the dining table are lamps that Wynske has made ​​of papier-mâché. The artworks give the house a unique character.


Images: Sonja Velda via Taverne Agency

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