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Volume. Let Europe's finest Style Experts spice up your Home

Did you know your home can speak volumes if you want it to? Home offers a European trip with nine seasoned art and design professionals who know the ropes. Listen to their life stories, use their insider secrets, and design an interior that says everything about who you are in a meaningful, sophisticated and colorful way.
Tell your own story with your interior – and don’t forget to add a little craziness! If your guests say, ‘I don’t know where to look first!’ when they first see your home, then you’re probably on the right track. Stop being so modest and start enjoying everything you have to the fullest!

Patrick Kooiman (Rotterdam, 1969) is the writer and photographer of the award-winning blog With his sharp pen and a taste for interiors that break the mold, Patrick has been sharing his unique and sophisticated style for more than five years. He has published long-form interviews with the world’s very best designers such as Jan des Bouvrie, Tom Dixon, Hubert le Gall and Gert Voorjans.

Volume. Let Europe’s Finest Style Experts Spice up Your Home. Curated by Patrick Kooiman,┬áthe writer and photographer of the award-winning blog

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