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This old warehouse in Sydney

Ryan and Bianca

Optimistic design is about daring to be different, about breaking the mould of mainstream design. It is about the individual and it is about the individual making their own statement as to how they decorate. It’s time to say to those who are dictating to us that ‘this is me and this is who I am’. It is people like Ryan and Bianca who remind us that while we don’t all live in the same décor palace, the meaning of home can be similar. Love your home and the space you live in. It was such a joy spending the day with Bianca and Ryan from Addition Studio in their Sydney home and studio. Their space mirrored them as individuals-creative, warm, friendly, filled with humour and love.

Bianca and Ryan decided on their current space through a ‘change of priorities’. To them it was a kind of lifestyle audit with decisions made on the basis of what would be part of their new utopia. If things didn’t fit, they didn’t stay. As designers they decided to map out their life on a blackboard wall. Starting at the centre of the map was utopia. They questioned what they needed to do to be fulfilled. They mapped out how they wanted to live and their home is a projection of this vision. When they first moved into their warehouse it was originally a rundown workshop for spray-painting cars and they had to put their heart, soul and serious hard work into creating a friendly and creative space. Their house is nondescript and anonymous from the street but the inside of the house feels completely private, giving them the freedom to express themselves. Starting with a blank canvas, after spending weeks cleaning up the space, they began with the survival basics-kitchen for food, a safe place to sleep and a place to wash. Once these were established, they discovered that simple rituals enhanced their life-Bianca always has a good body scrub each morning and both Ryan and Bianca practice yoga and Vedic meditation to start their day, to help them keep that spark of optimism for the day ahead.

Ryan and Bianca's working space
Ryan and Bianca's working space
Their huge open kitchen
Their huge open kitchen

Images: Mikkel Vang via Taverne Agency

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