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The old starch factory

Factory Home

The restaurateur Gustav Ovland was looking for a place on the countryside where he
could spend his holidays together with his dog, the mastiff Boris. He wanted a holiday home
where he could renovate and do some carpenting when he became too restless. He
searched for a place like this for quite some time in Sweden without luck but then he
happened to find a charming little house in France that needed some taking care of.
” I helped my mother look for a holiday home in France but then I happened to find a place
for myself. I’ve always made decisions with my heart and I fell in love with the small house
in the charming village. Here I finally found my little project and there was enough space to
store wines and all my auction finds”, says Gustav.
Gustav moved to France, but no matter how cozy and charming it was in the tiny village,
he still longed for the ‘project’, the place where he could create a unique home and also
he wished to be a little bit closer to family and friends.
He resumed his search and had a look at what had come up on the house market since
last and there it was, the old ruin of a Starch Factory from 1916. A unique place, closed
since the 60s, in the village Härnestad outside Åhus. It was love at first sight and he knew
right away that this was where his future home would be created. The broker was already
done showing the house so he wasn’t cooperative at all but after Gustav explained to him
that he was actually the one who was going to buy the place, then he gave in. As soon as
Gustav saw the ruin in real life, his head was spinning with hundreds of ideas of what to do
with the place. And of course as he predicted, he bought the place. Finally he had found
THE project. What Gustav above all fell in love with was the old factory part, an area of ​​about 200 sqm.
When the factory had been deserted since the 1960s without a roof, tall trees had grown
inside of the walls, which triggered Gustav’s imagination to create an exciting courtyard
with a Mediterranean feel. This will be the next project that Gustav will take on now that
the house itself has been completed.

Images: Lina Ostling via Taverne Agency. Styling and words: Mari Strenghielm

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