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The Complete Bocuse

Paul Bocuse, who died at the age of 9 last week,  is widely considered to be the father of modern French cuisine. His restaurant L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges in Lyon has retained its three Michelin stars since 1965. Celebrated chef Paul Bocuse is THE authority on classic French cuisine. In this volume, The Complete Bocuse, he shares 500 simple, traditional French recipes. Aimed at the beginner but with enough breadth to entice the confident chef, these recipes can be readily prepared at home and emphasize the use of the freshest and simplest ingredients.

You won’t find any kitchen tricks or techniques from this larger-than-life chef. There is no foreword or introduction, and with rare exception the recipes don’t even have explanatory head notes. Neither is it the type of book  that will hold your hand, step-by-step in the kitchen.  Rather it is a starting point that cooks can expand on, and it covers most of the classics – French onion soup, a variety of soufflés, sole meuniére, pepper steak, coq au vin, almond tuiles, to name but a few.

The Complete Bocuse

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