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The beautiful couple Trine (26) and Torben (31), who are both musicians, live in a stunning late 19th Century tiled building stands their 83 square metre apartment in Copenhagen. 
 Trine and Torben are both a part of the musical project Jørck and are currently working on their third record. As soon as you enter the apartment, it is hard not to notice that music plays a huge role in the couple’s life. From the bright living room with double doors you can see straight into the music room with its wall full of guitars. There are instruments and amplifiers scattered around the apartment. In the living room hangs a huge black-and-white poster of the artist Patti Smith and the bookshelves are filled with music literature. Patti Smith is an artist who inspires me greatly, both as a person and visual artist. She is like a sacred icon to us, says Trine.

Trine and Torben started creating their new home about a year ago. Prior to that, they used to live in studio flats that were meant to contain all the functions of a compact living space. Now that they have a few more rooms they really enjoy having the opportunity to create different character in different rooms. Torben prefers their home to have a bit of a Rock´n´Roll vibe, while Trine has a fondness for feminine and French bohemian details. On top of that, Torben likes contrasting colours, pop art and the artist Roy Lichtenstein, while Trine finds beauty in bright and delicate nuances.
 So it is no secret that is has been a bit of a challenge finding a mutual stylistic agreement – but most of the time it has been a fun journey together, Trine recalls with a smile.
 Trine’s favorite spot in the apartment is doubtlessly the kitchen, where a shimmering light shines in through the windows. From the kitchen sink you can spot the lush green backyard. By the old wooden table, Trine loves spending her time composing song lyrics, reading the newspapers and drinking coffee. The couple is inspired by popular culture in all its forms such as books, music and odd creative personalities. Torben is particularly inspired by 60’s pop art and mods culture, both in the way he dresses and decorates.

Trines favorite piece of furniture is an office chair, designed by Danish Arne Jacobsen, that earlier were standing in her grandfather’s office in Nyborg. Window in their bedroom
left Trines favorite piece of furniture is an office chair, designed by Danish Arne Jacobsen, that earlier were standing in her grandfather’s office in Nyborg.
right Window in their bedroom
Look through towards the kitchen
Look through towards the kitchen

Images: Anna Malmberg via Taverne Agency. Producer and words: Emma Wallmen

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