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Roses, floral prints and vintage


Heather  collects floral prints, both vintage and the more modern versions, such as Cloth’s rose floral prints, designed in Sydney by Julie Paterson. The family live in an old weather-boarder in Armadale, Melbourne, Australia. Working as a stylist Heather sees trends quickly come and go, so she is wary of buying into too many fads.  “I love to come up with creative alternatives when a certain look really inspires me.”  Her bedroom wall is the perfect example – for months she had been coveting a Cath Kidston digital print wallpaper featuring roses, but knowing that just one wall would cost about $1500, I she decided to road test the idea by sticking pages from a pictorial rose book onto the wall.  Total cost?  About $20 for the books and $30 postage from Amazon “I love it so much I may just keep it the way it is,” she says.

dining room view roses on the wall in the bedroom
left dining room view
right roses on the wall in the bedroom
lounging on the porch pops of color for a vibrant touch
left lounging on the porch
right pops of color for a vibrant touch

Images: Armelle Habib via Taverne Agency

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