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River Cafe Cookbook Green

The River Cafe Cookbook Green is one of our favorite cookbooks ever and a great book to start with right now, at the beginning of this new year.

Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray, the founders of the iconic London-based River Cafe, have an unswervingly clear vision of how food should be cooked: they take immense care over the ingredients and cook them as simply as possible. But one vitally important element in the art of preparing good food is one which we have increasingly lost sight of: seasonality. If you cook food in its right season it will inevitably taste better. And that’s what The River Cafe Cookbook Green, is all about.

Divided into months, the twelve chapters look at which vegetables, herbs, leaves, fungi and fruits are at their best at any given time, with information on how they are grown, which varieties to select and how to prepare them. The focus is also on organic produce, something in which Ruth and Rose have come to believe passionately. Meat and fish recipes are certainly included in the book, but the emphasis here is much more on vegetables, pasta recipes etc, in line with the way we are increasingly eating today.

This book has not only inspired us to cook with seasonal products, it’s also a great source of information and inspiration when planning our vegetable garden.

River Cafe garden with raised beds, photograph via Anna Wardrop found at
River Cafe garden with raised beds, photograph via Anna Wardrop found at

The River Cafe Cookbook Green, by Rose Gray & Ruth RogersRiver Cafe garden with raised beds, photograph via Anna Wardrop found at

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