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 Incredible home situated in a village called Akkrum owned by Dutch felt artist Paula Leen from Poetryworld. She has designed her home harmoniously with the opposing forces of the countryside. The soothing space is filled with raw timbers, soft lamb’s wool masculine earthy tones and fragile fauna. Paula shares her home with husband Kees, who runs a boating business and their daughters Lotte and Silke. The building is an old converted barn with an artisanal feel. Paula and Kees have self-built the inside of the home. ‘ i surround myself with things that have a soul and tell a story. We love to make things with our hands. we make our own furniture with our hands because it is a part of us, We are not architects but you can feel our heart and soul inside because we have made everything,’ tells Paula. The couple used lots of iron and old wood- materials that tell a story. ‘ i surround myself with things that have a soul and a story to tell. I seek inspiration everywhere in nature, music, art, history and fashion,‘says Paula.’ the kitchen island i designed was built by a local metalworker and the cupboards were made from the original wooden floorboards and antique doors.’ Paula used a lot of dark grey for her colour scheme inspired by the clay soil surrounding the house and the local landscape,’ Grey is perfect for a gentle and subtle background. it helps provides a restful atmosphere,’ says Paula.


Images: Mikkel Vang via Taverne Agency

Book Rethink: the way you live by Amanda Talbot

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