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Maple brûlée tart

Maple Syrup

As the frosty North American winter begins to dissipate, a very sweet harvest gets underway. Little taps with small tin pails attached are nailed to gnarly maple trees to patiently wait for the trees’ precious sap. It’s maple sugaring time and soon the sap will be made into a delectable syrup. From the breakfast table to savoury dishes and baked delights, nothing rivals this woody, floral-flavoured liquid gold. How sweet it is!

maple brûlée tart
1 cup (250ml) milk
1 cup (250ml) single (pouring) cream
2 eggs, plus 2 egg yolks,
extra½ cup (110g) caster (superfine) sugar
¼ cup (60ml) maple syrup white sugar, for sprinkling
vanilla pastry1²⁄³ cups (250g) plain (all-purpose) flour
1 tablespoon caster (superfine) sugar
¼ teaspoon baking powder
180g cold butter, chopped
¹⁄³ cup (80ml) iced water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Preheat oven to 160ºC (325ºF).
To make the vanilla pastry, place the flour, sugar and baking powder in the bowl of a food processor and process to combine.
Add the butter and process until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
While the motor is running, gradually add the water and vanilla.
Process until mixture comes together.
Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface to 3mm thick.
Line a lightly greased 28cm pie tin with the pastry.
Prick with a fork and blind bake (see recipe notes, page 44) for 10–15 minutes.
Place the milk and cream in a small saucepan over low heat until just boiling.
Place the eggs, extra yolks, sugar and maple syrup in a bowl and whisk to combine.
Gradually whisk in the milk mixture.
Allow to cool.
Pour the mixture into the pastry case and bake for 15–20 minutes or until just set.
Allow to cool in the tin.
Sprinkle tart with sugar just before serving and caramelise with a small kitchen blow torch until a golden crust forms. *
Serves 4.
*You can buy a small kitchen blow torch from specialty kitchenware stores and online.
They make easy work of a tart this size.

Image: Mikkel Vang via Taverne Agency

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