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Made in India by Meera Sodha

“Hello, my name’s Meera. I was born in Lincolnshire to Ugandan Indian parents and have been surrounded by a wonderful assortment of all things delicious from a very early age. Cooking is a huge part of my heritage and my love for my ancestors’ food and desire to keep their food traditions alive led me to journey back to my mother’s kitchen to capture the recipes from my childhood.

These family recipes and the stories that came with them were the inspiration for my first cookbook, Made in India. Happily, Made in India became a Top 10 best seller and was named a book of the year by The Times and the Financial Times.”

Nathalie and I are big fans of this  bestselling Indian cookbook that will change the way you cook, eat, and think about Indian food, forever. Real Indian food is fresh, simple and packed with flavour and in Made in India, Meera Sodha introduces the world to the food she grew up eating  every day. Her food is fresh, vibrant and surprisingly quick and easy to make. In this book, Meera serves up a feast of over 130 delicious recipes collected from three generations of her family: there’s everything from hot chappatis to street food like chilli paneer and beetroot and feta samosas, fragrant curries like spinach and salmon or perfect cinnamon lamb curry, to colourful side dishes such as pomegranate and mint raita, kachumbar salad, and mouth-watering puddings like mango, lime and passion fruit jelly and pistachio and saffron kulfi. This book is full of real charm, personality, love and garlic.

Made in India by Meera Sodha

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