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Living in Tokyo


They have built a protective shield outside their house, they don’t want to let strangers look in on the life inside. They designed the home to have no windows on the front wall of the house so the owners had plenty of privacy. However, from the street a passer-by can see some greenery and there is a gap in between the crowded neighbouring houses. With the house being located in a shopping district of Tokyo, they made it possible to secure some sense of open and closed at the same time, says architect Yukio Asari from Love Architecture Inc.

The inside is a completely different story. When you walk into the fortresslike home you are greeted with an environment of warmth, friendliness, love and personality. Yoshinobu and Akiko didn’t want a minimalist home but wanted it to be full of life. They believe the best way to educate their children is by not hiding their lifestyle. It is filled with loved and used pieces including antique collections, children’s artwork stuck to the window, well used saucepans hanging above the stove.



Images: Mikkel Vang via Taverne Agency

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