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Forever Summer by Nigella Lawson

“Even when sunshine is a distant memory and the only trace of holiday is the sand on the bottom of your discarded holiday flip-flops, don’t consign yourself to winter blues.”
Nigella Lawson

In Forever Summer, Nigella Lawson offers irresistible summery recipes that can be eaten at any time of the year, venturing out of the kitchen to give picnic, barbecue and beach food a touch of her inimitable culinary style. The key is simplicity, freshness, enjoyment — good food, no sweat.

The food ranges from around the world: from simple Italian pasta dishes to Middle Eastern breads; from Prawn and Black Rice with Vietnamese Dressing to Moroccan Roast Lamb; and food that conjures up the traditional strawberries-and-cream feel of an English summer afternoon or Indian summer evening at home. Keeping the sun shining, there’s a fabulous selection of unusual desserts — from Anglo-Italian Trifle to Slut-red Raspberries in Chardonnay Jelly. And to complete the summer mood, there are cocktails, both classic and new.

Abundant with gorgeous colour photographs, Forever Summer is about easy cooking and easy eating; laid-back recipes that keep you feeling like summer never ended; and that the kitchen is, in Nigella’s words, “not a place you escape from, but the place you escape to.”

Forever Summer

Nigella Lawson

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