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Flax Extension Cord & THIN Light model T

Designer Peter Bristol and Juniper have partnered to design THIN, an innovative task light for today’s lifestyles. Using the latest technology in LED illumination, THIN generates maximum coverage while using minimal space. The 27″-tall, ultra-thin tubular body is mounted on a ball joint that allows for multi directional movement. When opened, the body of the lamp–held by a spring-less hinge–can stretch out approximately three feet across the work surface. When folded, the lamp reduces to a minimal vertical profile.

The Flax Extension Cord is designed by the Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma, who explores the life of products and raw materials. With her designs, Christien aims to regain understanding of processes that have become so distant in industrialisation.

With the Flax project, Christien collaborated with farmer Gert Jan van Dongen, using his entire harvest of 10,000 kilos of flax fibers from his farm in the Flevopolder in 2010 to develop a series of products from this locally produced flax.

Available at The Frozen Fountain, the most beautiful shop of Amsterdam.

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