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Every house tells a story

Country Home

In the Norwegian forest lies a house. The core is an old priest’s house with exterior walls of aspen. The large windows seem to pour the surrounding nature into the house. Ingvild Flesland and Olaf Rademacher live here together with their three children. After ten years in the USA they felt the need to establish a base for the new family in another country. The South of France, which they have a strong connection with, was a possibility. But at the end they choose for a place in the forest, a half hour drive from Oslo.

Unusual combinations are a theme throughout the house. Ingvild and Olaf share a common interest in décor, and the interior is the result of finds; small and large…most of them bought secondhand or inherited.

While Europeans have flea markets, Americans have their ”garage sales”, where the seller makes use of his garage as a show room for the wares. At such unlikely outposts Ingvild and Olav have uncovered many pearls.The family spends a few months every year in the South of France, and have taken home the fine old bath tub, among other things.

It is not just Norway, America and France that has left their marks in the house, there are items from India, Afghanistan, Indonesia and other destinations.

Ingvild has been an interior consultant for friends, and has now begun to take steps into the professional realm. She calls her company ”Sanctuaries”.

beautiful view
beautiful view
bathroom in old turquoise colour
bathroom in old turquoise colour

Images: Studio Dreyer-Hensley via Taverne Agency. Words: Helle Tjaberg

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