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Anima, B&B and Wellness in Puglia

An old farm in the south of Italy, transformed it into a charming and authentic guesthouse. »

Spring Time!

The grass is growing, the trees are full with leaves, wildflowers sway with the wind »

Living in Copenhagen

A mixture of classical Danish design, rock and roll and bohemian softness »

Small living in Stockholm

Terracotta Delight »

A house with a view

The house is located in Cronulla, the vibrant beach suburb of Sydney Australia »

Snow in Norway

Imagine a cabin up in the mountains pulling you away from your everyday life »

Poetry World

Living with nature can be achieved in different ways. One of the best ways to connect earth Mother. »

The still melancholy of Autumn

Get inspired by the beautiful colored leaves and Autumn harvest »

Apartment in South London

Lovely blues and pops of colour in this apartment »

Road Trip Adventure

Leave the bustle of the city behind and embrace a slower pace with an old-fashioned road trip escape »

Missing Jamaica

When can we travel again? For now, get inspired »

Can Caterina

Cate Watts' light, carefree and summery holiday home on Ibiza »

Early Flowers in the season

Tulips, daffodils, violins, crocuses, we can't wait for the first blooming flowers of spring »

On the edge of the Moor

Julia Bird's eighteenth century hideaway a few miles away from the sea and beautiful port of Fowey »

Winter picnic

Pack the picnic basket with easy and tasty temptations and enjoy a meal outdoors »

Interior gifts

Seletti's Mouse lamp, H&M's big vase & more »

Small Living in Stockholm

Home of interior photographer Anna Malmberg and her family »

Go for an Autumn walk

Going for a walk can make us feel happier & healthier »

Happy Chic

An upclose look at the Palm Beach apartment of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan »

White makes everything shine

Stylist Lynda Gardener latest home project is a shining example »

Jaume and Adriana

Far out in the Mallorcan countryside, Jaume and Adriana live here with their cat and two dogs »

Michelle's Boathouse

The house and boathouse are located in a vibrant beach suburb of Sydney »

A Bohemian Lifestyle

Victoria’s style is colourful, bohemian and ethnic with a sprinkle of English class »

Art of darkness

Chelsea is an interior designer living and working in Melbourne, Australia

Living in Tokyo

Outside a fortress, inside an environment of warmth, friendliness, love and personality »

Living in Tasmania

Get inspired by these wonderful simple images of an old house on Tasmania »

Maker of Memories

Artist Erika Barratt clearly understands the power of cherished objects »

Loft-style space with exposed brick walls

From old furniture workshop to family friendly loft »

Liz Lange, American fashion designer and entrepreneur

Such a happy, bright, informal, and unpretentious apartment »

An elegant penthouse in London

Fashion designer Bella Freud has collaborated with Maria Speake, co-founder of Retrouvius »

David Luck's escape in Red Hill

A floating black structure whose geometry has been pushed and pulled beyond the polite box »

Dreaming of a better world

Elin and Patrick's place in Sweden »

A creative soul who travels the world

Fashion consultant Gayle Smith, dreams up beautiful things for us »

The beauty of a fallen leaf

Simple decorations to celebrate the arrival of Autumn »

Autumn beginnings

Enjoying the last few moments of summer, while the ripeness of autumn starts to fill the air »

Sydney's Palm Beach

This English family made the move to Sydney’s Palm Beach some years ago »

Going on Holiday!

We are off for a couple of weeks »

Summer in your garden

How to create a feeling of retro romance in your garden »


Bread, a baked food product made of flour that is moistened, kneaded, and sometimes fermented »

Beauty and Healthy Food is the Model

LA, California is the mecca of healthy food »

Home with a soul

The private house of Zoe and Merlin Eayrs in London »

La Vie en Blue

From sky-and-sea aqua to Tiffany-box blue to 1950's-diner turquoise, blue is Margaret's favourite »

Back to Basics

Bigger is better in this unassuming home full of spirit & soul »

The coolest 'tree house' in Manhattan

The tall trees in the large public garden next door brush up against the glass walls »

The beautiful colours of Lanzarote

The beauty of green and white in a dark vulcanic landscape »

A lot of special findings and selected vintage

A small vintage apartment owned by a creative couple in Stockholm »

Living the simple life in Tasmania

Mathew Simms, a characteristic artist from Tasmania »

Faded Glamour in Melbourne

Lyn's Gardener passionately selected collection in her house »

Spanish antiques and pieces with Moroccan influences

They created an eclectic mix of styles, objects and furniture that all match »

Small factory transformed into fashionable loft

Open loft with raw walls and pipes left in site give the room an industrial look »

Architect Couple Wen Hsia and BC Ang

A quiet oasis in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia »

Johan and Harold's Place in Amsterdam

The home of Johan and Harold is the ideal antidote to their busy, colour-loaded lives »


How about a white, pink or red Christmas? Get inspired by these festive dinner tables »

The Max factor

Scenes of kitsch and clutter with unrestrained enthusiasm »

Kangaloon House

A galvanised iron house challenges the notions of eco-sensitivity in NSW-Australia »

Cape Schank

Beach House in Australia for self-described workaholic to wash of the worries of the world »

Tiny Tin House

A home, wrapped around the tree in an L-shape »

Warehouse in the Netherlands

A modern warehouse surrounding by green and water »

Living along the river IJssel

A former laundry converted into a home »

Handcrafted CPH

The shop and the house of the owner of the great little shop Handcrafted CPH »

Inspiring Kitchens

Get inspired by these amazing beautiful kitchens »

Camp Griffin

Barn with a verandah for outdoor dining complete with a crystal chandelier »

Flower girl

Nicolette’s home is an earthy botanical haven in an unlikely place »

Alice Wonderland

This New York City apartment certainly provides anecdotal proof that daring choices can work »

Summer time in Greece

Nathalie was exploring the Greek islands by sailboat »

Power of Dahlias

Sarah Ryhanen shop in NY City where she sells her own grown flowers »

A 19th century house

In the tiny village of Driehuizen found Reini and Gerard their perfect house »

A Dutch ceramic artist in Sydney

BB is a Dutch ceramic artist living in Paddington, a fashionable district of Sydney. »

Home is where the art is

“This isn't a house, it's a gallery, where I can admire my wife's work" says Hanock »

Ali Griffith's Sydney Home

A generous family home that draws inspiration from its laidback beach-meets-city surrounds »

Permanent Campsite

A tower on a remote Australian sheep station, accessible only by horseback, is the ultimate escape »

Romantic living in strikingly rural France

Rebuild farmhouse in rural Burgundy where each village is more picturesque than the next »

West Coast Blues

South Africa's unspoilt west coast »

A whimsical escape

This Rhode Island weekender combines tradition with a whimsical charm. »

A 'Chacra' in Uruquay

Paradise of Paula Cahen d Anvers facing the Atlantic Ocean »

The Dutch countryside

You can enjoy the Dutch countryside for some days »

A Victorian house in the South of London

Cornelia de Ruiter and Keith Evans bought this house after they lived in Dubai


Scandinavian living

A few minutes’ walk from Kongens Nytorv and The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen »

Spring clean in your house

Getting ready for spring, we've been gripped by the urge to spring clean »

Can't wait for Spring

We're getting an early jump on spring blooms by container gardening with bulbs »

Make room in your home for everything you love

Words by California-based fashion designer Erica Tanov in New York »

A challenge

A small space can make styling your NYC apartment a challenge »

A-frame house by the lake

“I’m a city girl, but I love the water,” says Robyn, “and I love the serenity here” »

'The' French kitchen

The kitchen of Francoise and Henri Quinta in France »

Setting the mood

The 'dramatic' apartment of Robyn and Arnie in New York City »

This old warehouse in Sydney

The optimistic home of Ryan Hanrahan and Bianca Riggio from Addition Studio in Sydney »

Daylight house, light from above

A happy and bright house for a Japanese family »

An eclectic house for a big family

After a long search Remco & Manonne found this 'different' house for themselves and their 3 children »

Christmas at Home

We love to celebrate Christmas at home with our family »

Vintage Chic Xmas

Get inspired by this eclectic vintage-chic decor for your Christmas dinnertable »

A spacious loft in NY

Italian design maestro Piero Lissoni must be one of the busiest men in the world »

Winter lunch with friends

There's nothing quite like sitting around with friends over a delicious meal »

Julia's Place

Julia Bird's eighteenth century farmhouse, a few miles away from the sea in Cornwall in the UK »

Auguste Perret's apartment block in Paris

Famous Dutch architect Felix Claus rents this apartment in a building designed by Auguste Perret »

Quiet colours, peaceful living

A mixture of vintage, modern, simple and dainty in Anne's Beckwilm house in Hamburg »

Loft on stilts

Once the canteen of the Royal Dutch Steam Company and now 8 lofts »

Little Museum

At home with Suzanna de Sitter »

Oasis in a busy street of Tokyo

The space of Yoshinobu and Akiko and their children »


The act of finding something good or useful while not specifically looking for it »

Less is more in industrial family home

A three-bedroom home in the harbour of Amsterdam East »

From Paris with love

Sydney warehouse conversion blends a bespoke fashion studio and an interior in modern Parisian style »

Back in a few weeks...

We're off, first to Piemonte in Italy, then Burgundy in France, and The Dutch Wadden Sea Isles »

Flower field

A lush garden and blooming oasis in the woods, a mere 40 km outside Oslo, Norway »

Suriname, Paramaribo

Suriname, beautiful inspiring images by Hotze Eisma »


A beautiful small greenhouse just outside Amsterdam »

Rocca delle Tre Contrade

A former wine farm from 1850 became a private luxury hideaway in Sicily, filled with art & antiques »

Love for roses

Heather Nette King's, interior writer and stylist, house in Melbourne »

Green in and around your house

Nicolette moved from Holland to Singapore with husband and 4 children »

Too's house and garden

House and garden at only 20 minutes from Amsterdam »

Hanne's Home in Italy

La Bella Vita, in the middle of nowhere with a breathtaking view on the lago di Bracciano »

Warehouse conversion

A run down commercial building converted into an exciting and inspiring family home »

Rei Kawakubo in the Met

Must see expo, The art of in between in the Met, May 4-Sept 4 »

The colour purple

Helle & Jonas' apartment in Copenhagen is a mix of hippy style and vintage romantic »

White by Design

Lynda Gardener is passionate about all things vintage »

San Francisco

"The City" is home to a little bit of everything, San Francisco's Golden Gates welcome all »

A life in travel

Andrea Duff and her husband Robert combined their love for travelling and a business »

Barn in France

A disused barn, converted to a house to share with friends in the southwest of France »

A light-filled Sydney home

Space and light volumes in Wendy Paterson’s Sydney home where luxury is found in visual silence »

Spring cleaning mode

With spring on our door step, we're getting into full blown spring cleaning mode »

Find the Light

A daylight house in Japan but it doesn't indicate light from the sun »

Vintage style

A romantic, vintage styled house built in 1898 in the center of Haarlem, the Netherlands »

A dash of French élégance in Amsterdam

Interior Designer Adinda van Oel’s personal style is natural and easy »

In the mountains of Norway

A cottage in the small village Lykkja »

The Farmhouse in Morzine, France

The Farmhouse, known locally as Le Mas de la Coutettaz »


The de Jongh sisters are two sisters who became a design team at a very young age »

Apartment in Manhattan

Catherine Malandrino's home is a testament to her creative energy »

Good food at Smorgasburg

Food market in Williamsburg, New York, where you can find food from every corner of the world »

The function of habitations

Australian architect David Luck lives in a house that makes him happy »

Leap of faith

Renovating from the other side of the world is a daring move »


The capital of Iceland is a buzzing city with extreme weather conditions