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Sweet and fresh temptations »

The sweetness of strawberries

Nothing quite conjures up the memories of summer like the taste of a strawberry »

Dark chocolate ice cream

The best ice cream ever »

Asparagus on roasted bread with egg and hollandaise sauce

Yes, it's spring and they are here again, fresh asparagus heavenly combined with hollandaise sauce »

Wild broccoli and green radish in sesame marinade and salmon

Healthy and delicious meal »

Mustard Borlotti beans with maple syrup

A hearty stew to get you through the cold & stormy days »

Hotdog with haloumi, olive salsa and ouzo mayonaise

Hotdog with haloumi, olive salsa and ouzo mayonaise »

Camembert Fondue

Nothing beats a delicious gooey camembert fondue in front of the fire place »

Boeuf Bourguignon

Slow cooked beef in a red wine sauce, the perfect dish for cold & wet wintry days »

3-cheese Butternut Quiche with Sage

The perfect autumn harvest quiche, and so easy to make »

Chocolate Babka Loaf

Nothing beats a home made sticky bun loaf »

Raspberry and Beetroot Ice Cream

With fermented raspberries, beetroot crumbs, and tapioca biscuits with raspberry powder »

Mango & Passionfruit Cream with crumble

A delicious and little bit more exotic dessert than your standard crumble »

Pea and Quinoa Fritters

A healthy and taste full dish for spring and summer »


We eagerly wait for the first fresh peas of the season »

Mozzerella in carozza

Smoked mozzarella and olive sandwich »

Protein Bars

Delicious healthy home made bars »

Turban with Cranberries

The icing and cranberries bring a Christmassy feel to this delicious turban »

Roast lamb with sweet potato and oregano salsa verde

A delicious cut of lamb perfectly combined with sweet potatoes & slightly tangy oregano salsa »

Gingerbread Rings

Home baked cookies give you all of the Christmas cheer with a little effort »

Cabbage rolls with shiitake and sticky chicken

These wonderfull rolls are perfect to share with a crowd »

Kitchen & Dining gifts

Measuring spoons, crystalline glasses, Studio Job's tea towel, romantic cutlery & more »

Home made apple pie

The perfect home made apple pie is always welcome »

Home Made Winter

This cookbook by Yvette van Boven is all about comforting winter food »

Creamy mushroom white beans soup

The beans give a wonderfully creamy consistency, delicious with the crunch of the garlic croutons »

Autumn brunch

Raw cabbage and red beet salad »

Clafoutis with Plums

A fruit filled dessert from France, with a texture that hovers between cake and custard »

Cherry & berry soup with fresh goats curd

A chilled fruit soup garnished with lavender flowers »

Caramel swirl ice-cream

A delicious ice cream for a hot summer »

Veal tortellini with porcini broth

Delicious broth with tortellini, a perfect summer dish that requires little time with great result »

Pistachio fattoush salad with millet

Millet is an ancient superfood grain with a mild, corn-like flavor and great texture »

Vietnamese fresh spring rolls with Peanut dipping sauce

A healthy, easy and delicious appetizer »

Pommes Anna

A classic french dish of sliced layered potatoes in butter and thyme »

Orange tabouleh with halloumi

The salty halloumi pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the oranges »

Chickpea Curry

An easy, flavorful chickpea curry, ready in no time and packed with flavor »

Chocolate dipped truffles

A delicious and beautifully decorated treat »

Mini chocolate and ginger bundt cakes

Lovely small bundt cakes filled with a delicious caramel crème »

Granola Clusters

Pack a thermos, a small container with granolas and off you go »

Cocoa Espresso Sticks

Espresso bars taste well with a small cup of coffee »

Beef curry on pumpkin steam with lime chutney

Comforting dish for rainy autumnal days »

Nectarine Crumb Squares

Such a great treat, the combination of sweet fruit with a nutty topping is delicious »

Mushroom Pizza

The mushroom season is coming shortly, here's a recipe for a divine mushroom pizza »

Grilled veggies

Corn on the hob, eggplants, zucchini, onions, fennel, mushrooms, they all work well on the bbq »

Tequila Summer Suns

Summer entertaining is all about getting outdoors and getting together »

Asparagus soup with Chicken

Fresh peas, sugar snaps & asparagus, summer in a bowl »

Chorizo Pizza's

This is such a delicious, spicy little bite »

Chunky Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam on a toast, always a good start of the day »

Saffron chicken

Marinated chicken legs with pointed cabbage and chickpeas, such a good dish »

Grapefruit Tartlets

Edible blossoms make these delicious tartlets a feast for the eyes »

Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Kiwi

Addictive, creamy & silky-smooth, melting in your mouth, and deliciously lightened up by the yoghurt »

Breakfast with Easter Eggs

Buttered homebaked sourdough bread to dip in a perfect soft-boiled egg, hmmmm »

Lemon Meringue Tarts

Utterly delicious mini tarts with homemade lemon curd & meringue »

Potato strudel with spinach and curry

a delicious variety with potato »

Lemon Blueberry Cake

Lemon Cake made of yoghurt, lemon and a handful of blueberries »

Crostini's with salmon, avocado and more

Ceviche sandwiches with a recipe from Finland »

The best hummus recipe ever

The best hummus recipe I ever made comes from Yotam & Sami's book Jerusalem »

Red Bean Ice Cream

Red bean, or Adzuki, is one of the most popular ingredients in traditional Japanese sweets »

Japanese dish with fresh tuna

Seared yellow fin tuna encrusted with green tea »

Homemade Yoghurt & Granola

Learn how to make yoghurt at right at home, with homemade granola of course »

Passion Fruit Cake with Italian Meringue

We're making this delicious cake as dessert for Christmas dinner »

Semolina and Thyme Flower

Delicious bread with a very soft texture & shaped like a flower »

Chocolate Treat!

Chocolate and Pecan Treat, we're in love with this tart »

Dulce de Membrillo

This paste, made from quince, is the natural companion to a well-cured Manchego cheese »

A Winter Soup

A heartwarming & deliciously creamy soup, without actually using cream and very low on calories »

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup with cinnamon butter »

Homemade Ajvar

Eggplant and red peppers »

Pastel de Nata

How to make these famous delicious custard filled Portugese pastries »

Pommes Anna

Comforting recipe for potatoes in butter and thyme »

Maple brûlée tart

The first maple droplets hit the tin, heralding the start of a new sugaring season and this tart »

Raspberry Mascarpone Creme stuffed Double Chocolate Cookies

Combination of raspberries and chocolate »

Melon Soup

Do make this immensely satisfying & wholesome soup »

Fruity Raspberry Sorbet

Delicious ice cream for hot summer days »

Flowers on a plate

Make a salad of edible flowers, and eat with barbecued fish, summer on you plate »

Rueben Sandwich with Sauerkraut

Enjoy a warm summer day picknick with this classic deli sandwich »

Faro and edamame salad with chicken and mint

A lovely, healty & delicious summery salad »

River Cafe 30's Salt-baked Fish

Sea Bass Baked in Salt, our favourite recipe for fish from this book »

Strawberry Syrup

One of Paul Lowe's favourite syrup that can create sodas and cocktails »

Oven roasted fries

Delicious, and so easy, especially if you don't have time to make the deep-fried version »

Campfire Seafood Stew

There's nothing quite like a good Seafood Stew cooked outdoors over an open campfire »

Road Trip Adventure

Nachos with guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream and cold beer »

Penne Al'Arrabiata

Serve this deliciously spicy pasta with some grated parmesan cheese and a chilled glass of dry white »

Grapefruit - Strawberry Sips

A delicious and beautiful virgin cocktail »

Lamb Vindaloo

Recipe for a delicious curry of lamb, served with a raita and rice »

Easter lunch with small bites

Roasted duck breast, quail eggs with dukkha, new potatoes with pesto & favabeans with pickles »

Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato and Spice Cake by Paul Lowe »

Breakfast tart with tomatoes, prosciutto and eggs

One of Paul Lowe's favorite dishes, full of flavor and deliciousness »

Ovenbaked sardines

Sardines baked with mint, garlic and lemon, served with crusty bread and a green salad »

Broccoli with bacon-wrapped goats cheese

This recipe for a salad with apple and sliced almonds takes broccoli from bland to delicious »

Fish Cakes

Typical classic fish cakes, eat them with sweet chili sauce or plum sauce »

Sake-Steamed Clams

Sake brings out a delicious flavor from the clams »

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

It’s incredibly easy and delicious to make your own ricotta »

Sandwiches with Remoulade

A chic & delicious take on sandwiches with egg salad »

Zucchini Feta Burger

With Harissa Mayonaise, a delicious veggie burger »

Creamy Mushroom and Dill pasta

A perfect dish for wintry days, by Paul Lowe's good friend Alexandra from Norway »

Crab and Lime Dumpling soup

A lovely soup with delicious homemade dumplings »

Espresso Martini

A sumptuous and deliciously confusing mix of vodka, coffee liquor and espresso »

Le Gibassier

We're baking this traditional French bread, scented with anise and orange, for Christmas morning »

Vanilla and Almond Ice Cream

Delicious and elegant ice cream pudding, makes a very pretty centerpiece on the dinnertable »

Mini pancakes with citrus and coconut

An addictive dish with grilled lemons & coconut flakes »

Cheese Fondue

The ultimate comfort food for cold and rainy days »

Shepherd’s Pie

Good ole British pub food, and so perfect for this time of the year »

Salted chocolate caramel tarts

The most delicious and amazing chocolate treats ever »

Roasted cauliflower salad

The lost vegetable, roasting brings out a delicious nutty, buttery and sweet flavour »

Pumpkin time

Make a salad of roast pumpkin with garlic, red chili and goat's cheese »

Chocolate chestnut pithiviers

The gift of pie. This timeless recipe is sure to become a new favorite »

Jamie Oliver's Sourdough bread

How to make home baked sourdough bread, we are following a recipe by Jamie Oliver »

Meringues like Ottolenghi

How to make those lovely giant snow white meringues »

How to make Sambal

A spicy, chili based paste or relish, and a very good way to preserve chilies »

Morel and Garlic Pasta with Spinach

A simple but delicious fall dish by Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul Magazine »

The good life

Great food, cool drinks, good books & sunshine »

Grilled beets with Havarti cheese & mustard vinaigrette

Grilling beets brings out their sweet flavour, perfect in combination with a salty cheese »

Angry Viking Syrup & Cocktail

A syrup with a kick of spices like ginger & lemongrass »


Recipe for cherry syrup to make a delicous cherry cocktail »

Steak Fiorentina with barbecued zucchini

How to master the art of barbecuing zucchini's »

Strawberries fields forever

One of the biggest joys of early summer is the abundance of summer fruits »

Tasty Tomatoes

It's too early in season for really tasty tomatoes, but roasting in the oven intensifies the flavor »

Barbecued Lettuce

Grilling Romaine Lettuce, an exciting way of cooking and eating lettuce »

Pizza with salami sausage, chorizo picante & mozzarella cheese

Pizza with salami sausage, chorizo picante & mozzarella cheese »

Fava and fennel risotto with poached eggs

Risotto is the perfect "go to dish", love it with the egg on top, says Paul Lowe »

Orange cake with apricots and caramel

This is such a good cake! Top it with the fruits you like best, these apricots are our favorite »

Roasted langoustines with garlic

Eat langoustines with garlic butter & crusty bread to soak up the juices »

Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce

Asparagus on roasted bread with egg and hollandaise sauce


Trout with tomato salad on toast

Trout with tomato salad on toast »

Bird & Feathers

Small bites for Easter; grilled peppers, marinated olives, spicy almonds & quail eggs with dukkah »

Broad beans

Everything you always wanted to know about what to do with them »

Oysters and chips on a newspaper

Serve them with Mustard Mayo & Mignonette sauce »

Home made fresh pasta

Easy peasy home made pasta recipe »

Lamb chops with lemon and spring salad

Not much beats the taste of a good lamb chop, with just salt, pepper and some lemon »

Mocha Eclairs

Suffering from a sudden crave for Mocha Eclairs, Nathalie made them with this foolproof recipe »

Buratta with tomato garlic bread

Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream »

Fleur de sel caramels

Death by caramel... »

Foolproof Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue is one of the greatest cheese dishes for wintry days, and it couldn't be simpler »

Picked from Asia

Mung bean soup with coconut & goji berries »

Black Bean Shrimp

Our favorite recipe, with Gai Larn, Chinese Broccoli »

Carrot and fennel soup

This is a beautifully coloured and delicious winter soup »

Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine

A simmering stew that makes the whole house smell heavenly, a perfect winter dish »

Vongole on the beach

Dress warm, bring sheepskins, blankets and food, make a fire, and enjoy a winter picnic on the beach »