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Beauty and Healthy Food is the Model

Beauty food Marita

Swedish model Marita Karlson lives in hip Venice with her boyfriend Justin and their dog, Olive. With love for the glittering ocean, the beach, mountains and a healthy lifestyle, she has become a true Californian girl. Wearing a bohemian chic outfit from Planet Blue, she is mixing some smoothies for us.  “I just love smoothies, juices and fresh, wholesome food,” she exclaims and something that is reflected in her healthy glow and just by glancing in her kitchen. Marita loves to experiment and puts a lot of time into playing around with various produce and ingredients. She gathers her inspiration from the many colourful and health-oriented blogs, magazines and websites. Stacks of raw food books are just waiting to be used and worn out.  “I dream of creating my own smoothie book” she says hopeful. Marita spends time at the many Farmers’ Markets in town and is always exploring the world of new produce, products and superfoods. “Right now the trend is different probiotic cultures, like coconut kefir. I want to try to make my own kefir and also buy so called kefir grains. Fresh pressed juice and juice cleansing in general is still “in”, while superfoods such as goji and açai have become everyday foods, as has coconut water. The pink fruit, Pitaya, has also become a superfruit hype.“   t is easy to be healthy in LA, where new vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafés popped up everywhere, like sprouts from the soil in the spring. There is an abundance of fresh fruits and greens, which are as vital to Los Angelenos as semi-skimmed milk is to the Swedes. Buying organic products is a priority for Marita as it is to eat as pure food as possible. Cold pressed juices have become her life elixir. “Our body cells absorb the nutrition from the juice within 15 minutes,” she explains.

However, Marita has not always been this healthy. She was delightfully raised on yummy homemade traditional Swedish dishes, which can be high in fat and dairy. Even though she was not raised on sugar cereals and Twinkies, rather real food and vegetables from the garden, there was still room for improvement. It wasn’t until she met her boyfriend Justin some years ago, that she plunged into new food habits. “Justin is definitely not a french-fries-type-of-guy. He got all the good food philosophies from early on.“Marita tells that Justin grew up in Oregon, where his mother grew everything on her own. She walked her talk, always cooked organic meals and helped to cure her father-in-law from diabetes. “When I first met Justin, not only did he drink green juices and follow the food circle, but he also consumed hard core superfoods such as E3Live (algaes) and other strange stuff!” Marita laughs. “That was too extreme for me. But everyone praised the cold pressed juices, so one day I started to play with different smoothie recipes.“





Images: Martin Lof via Taverne Agency

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