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Architect Couple Wen Hsia and BC Ang

At number 11 in district 11 of Petaling Jaya, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, a quiet oasis sits on the border of the city’s hustling and bustling and the peaceful country living. This is where architect couple Wen Hsia and BC Ang, owners of Building Bloc, designed their home on a very tight budget. Known for building green and using durable and recycled materials, the couple found unique solutions to the restrictions in their budget and choice of materials. The couple did not want to make any aesthetic compromises. The design could not suffer because of their green ideals. Instead, driven by their tight budget, they come up with unusual and very creative building solutions.

During the building process, Wen and BC had just opened their architect firm ‘Building Bloc’, they were young, ambitious and poor, and they were looking for a place to live and work. When a small bungalow on a gorgeous large lot came on the market, they grabbed the opportunity to buy it cheap. The bungalow did not survive, instead they designed and built a modern, industrial home surrounded by a tranquil garden.


Images: Marjon Hoogervorst via Taverne Agency. Styling: Irene Hoofs

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