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Apartment in South London

De Ruiter

For designer and entrepreneur Cornelia de Ruiter, the task of transforming and updating her family house in South London helped to shape not just her home but her business. De Ruiter enjoyed the whole process of working on the Victorian terraced house so much that it helped seal the decision to embrace a long held ambition to launch her own interior design company, Homewings. ‘I was doing some projects for friends and then friends of friends,’ says de Ruiter, ‘and then I started working on this house. It wasn’t in bad condition but we did do make some structural changes and replaced the floors throughout plus a list of other things, including the garden. By the time I had finished, I realised that the time was right to do something and decided to set up my own design firm with two co-founders. I was waiting for the right moment and the house was a big part of it.’  ‘The blue sitting room is a cosier space, with a snuggly feeling, and we love to watch a movie in there,’ says de Ruiter. ‘We painted the walls with Blue Steel, a colour from Dulux. People do often assume that blue might make a room look cold but that doesn’t have to be the case at all. The trick is to go for a blue that has a lot more grey or yellow in it, like this one, and it becomes really soothing and I always recommend warm accent colours, which we have with the paintings and accessories.’


Images: Michael Sinclair via Taverne Agency  Text: Dominic Bradbury


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