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A lot of special findings and selected vintage

Elin and Patrik

In an old building built in year 1911, in a neighbourhood called Kungsholmen in Stockholm, live the creative couple Elin Jensdotter Hont and Patrik Hont and their dog Stella. Elin is the owner of a vintage shop that is located in the popular area called Midsommarkransen, just outside the city centre of Stockholm. In the shop you can find an eclectically range of furniture, interior and clothes, mostly old stuff from the fifties and the sixties. Patrik is an actor and musical artist. When enter the apartment it feels like Elin and Patrik had lived there for a long time. It is really cosy and welcoming. But the truth is that they moved in just a few months earlier. It is a lot of beautiful and interesting things to look at everywhere in the apartment. Their love for lamps and vintage is obvious. In the kitchen Elin and Patrik starts to make some coffee while talking about their interior style.

“At our place there is a constant renewal and changing of the furniture, except of some things that we will never replace. We often move things around and refine the details in the apartment. We used to like to own a lot of things but now we just want selected pieces, says Elin. The apartment has one kitchen, one living room, one bedroom and a small bathroom. The biggest room is the living room. On the walls in the living room hangs framed pictures and art, most of them made by friends to Elin and Patrik. The fantastic sofa is really in focus and was found by Elin and Patrik on an Internet site, where old furniture was sold. A mix of patterns on the pillows and blanket gives it a personal style. In one corner you can find Bruno Mathssons arm chair “Pernilla” and in the other corner a leather chair. A wagon from Normann Copenhagen acts as a bar. When Elin and Patrik don´t travel around Sweden looking for vintage furniture, music is a great passion. You can find both a piano in the living room and also a vinyl player on the sideboard.

Images: Anna Malmberg via Taverne Agency.

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