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A 'Chacra' in Uruquay

Blue Klein

Paula Cahen d Anvers is one of the most famous fashion designers in Argentina, founder of the firm that bears her name and now creator of Etiqueta Negra mujer. This woman has a simple and exquisite taste in decorating, she was born and grew up surrounded by beautiful objects. 20 years ago the designer was looking around to buy a house on the outskirts of Punta Del Este, Uruguay. She founded an abandoned farm of 10 hectares of hills and rolling countryside that ended over the Atlantic Ocean. The location could not be better, peace, tranquility, privacy and a forest of pine and eucalyptus, she decided to buy it and put to work in recycling. It is near the town of Jose Ignacio. In South-America they call that a ‘chacra’.



Images: Emma Livingston via Taverne Agency. Styling: Matias Errazuriz

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